How It Works

What is GetOutPass? We're glad you asked

GetOutPass is a subscription-based fun pass. As a member, you will be able to enjoy free admissions into awesome venues in your area! You’ll save hundreds of dollars while having a blast at a variety of venues. This is the perfect way to get off the couch and have some fun!

Sign Up

- You can either sign up now and get access to our amazing venues today or buy gift codes to redeem at a later time. Click here to sign up.

- Your email will be your username. Create a password that your sneaky Uncle Stew will never guess.

- Read our Terms and Conditions

- After you’ve purchased, put in your name, birthday, and gender for yourself and all other members in your account

Select a Venue

- Sign into your GetOutPass account on your mobile device

- The offers that venues provide on the pass can be seen in your “Offers” tab

- Offers in the “Today” tab can be immediately used and enjoyed! If an offer is not there, it is likely in the “View All” tab. You can see in the “Details” of the offer when it will be available

- Once you pick an offer you wish to redeem, head to the venue and get ready for fun!

Present Pass

- Have the offer ready on your mobile device as you enter the venue

- Tap “Redeem” on the offer and click off all the names of those members attending

- Tap Redeem and then tap “Yes” as the next page opens to start the redemption timer

- Once you see the red “Venue Accept” button, have the venue accept your offer by presenting your phone to them and having them tap the button

- After that, you’re good to enjoy the offer and have fun!

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