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At the GetOutPass, we’re all about friends and family. As technology evolves, it’s easier to stay inside all day with eyes glued to a screen. While this is a sort of entertainment, we believe that true fun comes from trying new things outside of the home. Those that spend time together doing wholesome, exciting activities develop a bond that cannot be broken. In this bond lies years of fond memories and moments that last forever.

The GetOutPass was created for the people that want to experience the world around them without emptying their wallet. Going out to try new potential hobbies and venues is a fun idea usually up until you look at the price tag. The founders of the GetOutPass have experienced this firsthand during their parenting years. Add that to the fear that an expensive first trial might result in the family not enjoying the activity makes trying new things difficult!

From this came the birth of the GetOutPass, the nation’s largest fun-pass. The GetOutPass gives passholders the flexibility to try new locations and activities without the stress of paying for the admission. This not only benefits people but businesses as well, from popular amusement parks to small and local entertainment centers. New faces that might not have tried a venue due to various concerns can now experiences what these businesses have to offer.

The GetOutPass started in 2017 with just a few dozen venues. We were able to sign contracts with some large amusement parks in Utah along with some entertainment centers and other venues with various activities. Expanding on that, Utah grew and ventured into Colorado. Once the GOP team saw that people in neighboring states wanted the GetOutPass in their area, the pass spread to Washington, Idaho, and Sacramento. The pass is now in a total of 15 markets, with more on the way.

Get out and have a blast on the GetOutPass!

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