Refer a Friend

Life Is Better With Family and Friends

How to Use Refer A Friend

Our new Refer A Friend program is perfect for getting the whole gang together on the GetOutPass.

  • Use your unique promo code with friends, families, and strangers you meet in grocery stores.
  • This code takes off an additional $5 to our lowest offer. Yup, YOU have the best deal we'll offer.

What happens when my code is used?

  • You'll earn $5 credit towards your account on every use.
  • This credit can be used for your renewal or to purchase special offers and bonus admissions.
  • This means you can get two trips to your favorite amusement park through Refer A Friend. Awesome.

This means you get to be the coolest friends with your hookups and get credit to your account!

It's a good day to be you.

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