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Employee Engagement

Companies spend over $720 million each year on employee engagement, and that’s projected to rise to over $1.5 billion. And yet, employee engagement is at record lows — 13% according to perennial engagement survey leader Gallup. What’s wrong here? Perhaps human resources leaders are spending their money in the wrong places.

The Problem

We believe most employee engagement models are centered around the work experience and not the employees. This is the problem. Employees bring their whole selves to work. What happens before and after the workday may be just as important as what happens during it. Your employees need real relationships with their co-workers. Over 60% of full-time workers considered their fellow employees co-workers or strangers as opposed to friends. Most of those friends were labeled “only-at-work friends”

Our Solution

Employees will want to come to work if they have friends at work. Make making friends easy by providing your employees with a free fun opportunity to get to know each other. GetOutPass allows your employees to bond outside of work. We have hundreds of different venues for you and your employees to visit together throughout the year, helping you gain a  more engaged and connected workforce.

Partnering Brands

When you sign up with GetOutPass, your team gets access to hundreds of entertainment attractions in your local area!