10 Movies To Watch This Month

September 16, 2022


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It can be challenging to decide which of the top films to watch. It takes a lot of time to look through all the options to find something that works for you and your group.

In this blog post, we've compiled a list of some of the best movies you can watch, a mix of well-known and excellent movies that everyone can enjoy.

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood

To say that Richard Linklater is in charge of Netflix's fantastic family film would be an understatement. Netflix's original animated kids' movies typically go CGI and neon. This time, Linklater attempts to capture what it was like to be a kid during the space race by using his passion for rotoscope animation. The story of the movie is told from the perspectives of two people: the mission control team and astronauts working on the first moon landing, and Stan, a young boy who dreams of going into space.

Pee-wee's Big Holiday

Pee-wee's Big Holiday is one of the best family films available on Netflix for parents of a particular generation. Ones who would be eager to introduce their children to Pee-wee Herman and his manic energy. Even though it may not deliver as many giggles per minute as earlier capers. But, critics have noted that it has a sweetness that will appeal to existing fans and young children who can handle some surreal humor.

Enola Holmes

Families seeking an exciting mystery with lots of action should stream Enola Holmes. The movie stars Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, who infuses vintage settings with contemporary sensibilities. Enola does indeed come from the Holmes family. However, her brothers, Mycroft (Sam Clafin) and Sherlock (Henry Cavill) are unsure how to explain that their sister is incredibly free-spirited for her age. Brown excels in the role, blending the fourth-wall-breaking humor that usually seems reserved for older female characters like Fleabag. Apart from a few fight scenes involving knives and guns, parents shouldn't be concerned that the show is too mature.

Next Gen

Netflix's Next Gen stars John Krasinski (The Office) and Charlene Yi (Paper Heart) as an AI and a young girl, respectively, who team up to stop a baddie. This is an excellent choice for parents looking for a futuristic animated movie for their middle-school-aged and up kids that manages to be both appropriate and entertaining. The sci-fi action adventure film Next Gen avoids the more violent action sequences in favor of kid-friendly laser blasts and explosions.

The Wizard of Oz 

This Hollywood classic has been awe-inspiring for successive generations for more than 80 years. Its longevity has been attributed to various factors. Still, the film's fantastical world features flying monkeys and good witches, agile scarecrows, and timid lions. The film continues to captivate each new generation of young viewers with eye-popping pastel Munchkin towns and a garishly green Emerald City. Then there's its enduring message: You can go out and experience life to the fullest, have adventures, make new friends, and see the world. But in the end, nothing compares to coming home and spending time with your loved ones.

The Adam Project

There are many items on this list that teens might find objectionable, but here is one that parents can surely suggest to older children. Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, is a character who goes back in time to save humanity and deal with some of his emotional baggage related to his parents. The Adam Project is one of the finest family movies on Netflix because it is so uncommon for a film to deal with grief over a death in the family while also being PG-13.


When discussing Pixar's Best Picture nominee, Up's tear-jerking opening montage deservedly garners all the attention. However, the film goes on to tell an absolutely bonkers yarn that features prehistoric birds, sky-high real estate, and talking dogs engaged in aeronautical dogfights. This story is about overcoming grief with the aid of friendship and adventure, so those opening tears are necessary.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

The presence of lead actor (and director) Chiwetel Ejiofor will captivate viewers for this motivational movie, which is set in a small farming village in Malawi. To give Maxwell Simba, who portrays William, a 13-year-old boy, adequate screen time, the award-winning actor doesn't hog too much of the movie. Although William's story sounds like a middle-school assignment, his education is taken away before he develops a windmill-powered generator to address the issues in his town. It is the kind of inspirational tale that science-obsessed children might adore.


While we wait for Netflix to offer the much-loved Paddington 2, the Paddington Cinematic Universe's beloved first chapter is always worth streaming. The titular bear is left an orphan after an earthquake destroys his home and uncle. Although the movie begins with a somewhat depressing origin story, Paddington quickly wins the Brown family's affection in London. When a taxidermist played by Nicole Kidman wants Paddington for herself, mischief and a little bit of a scare ensue. Still, this film is a gem to be enjoyed.


All family members will enjoy this exquisitely hand-drawn animated movie. A familiar story about a four-year-old boy named Kun having his life turned upside down. It happens when his new baby sister steals the show and quickly turns bizarre and wild. When his younger sibling Mirai shows up, Kun and the younger Mirai immediately embark on adventures together and encounter a variety of odd people from their past and future. Mirai will show you that the Kids section on Netflix is more diverse than they realize. And that it is warm, caring, and unlike most bright and neon children's movies currently being produced.


Whatever you're in the mood for, just throw on one of these, and feel safe knowing that you and your fam will be watching a great movie.

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