10 Sugar-Free Snacks Your Kids Will Love

September 15, 2022


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We all understand that we need to limit the sugar our kids consume, but how exactly do we go about doing that when they are stubborn, picky eaters?

It's simple to say to not just keep sugary treats and snacks around the house. However, having a wide variety of low-sugar or sugar-free alternatives on hand is necessary. It is to limit the amount of white food the entire family consumes.

Simple ways to reduce sugar in your kids' diet:


The last thing any parent wants in the morning is a fight over breakfast. Still, if we give our kids sugary cereal, they will inevitably experience a sugar rush and slump. And that leaves them craving food all day.

Warm porridge, cold overnight oats, oat bars, and flapjacks, among other things, are all great and cheap ways to feed the fam.

Fizzy Drinks

Really, the only drinks that children should be consuming on a regular basis are milk and water. Fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners and offer no nutritional value at all.

Fruit juice has a higher sugar-to-vitamin ratio than whole fruit, even though it still has some vitamins because all the fiber has been removed. Stick to water and reserve the fruit juice for special occasions.

Ice cubes are yet another excellent strategy for getting kids to drink more water. Fruit or a little fruit juice should be frozen into ice cubes. They'll enjoy seeing it melt into the water.

After School Snacks 

Kids who are exhausted and hungry after school frequently nag for sugary treats when their bodies are really pleading for nutritious food.

They will experience a natural energy boost and stay full until dinner if protein and fat are provided. Consider a homemade oat bar or energy bites. As well as apple slices with cheese, veggie sticks, and pita bread.


Homemade and from scratch foods are essential to reducing sugar consumption during mealtimes. Most convenience foods and ready meals are loaded with sugar; the worst offenders are frequently innocent-looking sauces.

Making sauces and pesto in bulk and storing them in the freezer for busy evenings is the secret. You'll also be amazed at what a simple tomato tin and some herbs can accomplish!

Ice Cream

There is nothing wrong with the occasional treat. Still, if your kids consume more ice cream than you believe to be healthy, you can try making your own using just a few simple ingredients. No ice cream maker is necessary!


That low-fat or fat-free yogurt advertised as healthy but as sugary as a doughnut is one of the worst! Remember that fat is not the enemy; instead, choose full-fat yogurts that contain less sugar.

Some children's fromage frais brands have less sugar than you might expect, but it would be best if you could also get them to eat natural yogurt. A Greek yogurt is a great option as well because it contains more protein.

Here are 10 sugar-free snacks for your kids:

Celery With Peanut Butter

Making sure that the peanut butter you use is all-natural and made from nuts only is the key to this one. Among other things, many peanut butters have sugars added. A good peanut butter brand is Mayvers, which only requires a small amount of salt for flavoring. Otherwise, you can also easily make your own in a food processor.

Almond Butter on Apples

Make sure your almond butter is all-natural and free of harmful ingredients, just like you should with peanut butter. But this combination is excellent for keeping your children satisfied.

Humus and Vegetable

For lunchboxes, this is great! If you can, make your own hummus at the beginning of the week; if not, carefully read the ingredients list, as they frequently contain sugars, vegetable oils, and preservatives.

Rice Cakes

There are many different ways to enjoy these as a snack. A dairy-free cream cheese spread, smoked salmon, ham, or tomatoes are good options.


Popcorn is actually a fantastic sugar-free snack for kids when it isn't covered in movie theater butter! It is a whole grain, low-calorie option that comes in various flavors. And is easily accessible in individual-sized bags prepared to be packed in a lunchbox or backpack.

Avocado Toast

If you can, choose whole-wheat bread. Another excellent snack loaded with healthy fats provides the right amount of energy and keeps you satisfied.

Egg Cup

These are tasty, filling treats you can easily spice up with whatever is in your refrigerators, such as cheese, ham, or peppers. Eggs need only be whisked before being placed in a muffin pan and baked. Delicious.

SunButter and Bananas Quesadillas

Sunflower seed butter is tasty and is also a nice substitute for peanut butter. So grab a tortilla and spread some on it. On the other half of the tortilla, spread a layer of potassium-rich banana slices and, if desired, a light dusting of cinnamon. Cut the tortilla into triangles after folding it in half.


It's always a good idea to have a handful of nuts on hand, but you shouldn't give your child whole nuts until they are at least two to three years old. Prior to that, it is a choking hazard, though you can introduce them to nuts through other foods like smoothies or peanut butter.

Fruits and Cheese Kabobs

Combining this option in different ways is enjoyable. Toothpicks are required to serve as miniature kabob skewers. Try pairing cubed Colby jack, white cheddar, gouda, or even brie with various berries!


Many of the sweets you buy at the store are loaded with more sugar than you want to let your child consume. Make tasty snacks at home to ease your mind. It's really not that difficult to make tasty afternoon snacks and lunchbox treats that are healthy, sugar-free, and delicious.

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