30 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Fun

November 24, 2022


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There are many enjoyable activities to partake in on Thanksgiving that don't place all of the weight of the day's success on the dinner table.  You can make your family's Thanksgiving into something truly memorable with a little work and a willingness to be fun.

Play a Game

Engage them in either indoor or outdoor party games such as Capture the Flag or Charades if you have enough groups of people in the house or yard.

Take In Some of the Local Faves

Check out notable local activities when you're in town and went away on holiday for the break: Ice skating? Bowling? Golf? Take advantage of the holiday break from work and school if you're at home by fitting in some enjoyable fall exercise. Use your GetOutPass for tons of fun!

Create a Cornucopia

Have any leftover fruits and little adornments for the fall? Keep them from being wasted. Put them in a cornucopia for a fun holiday design activity that the whole family may participate in.

Let Stars Shine

Get attendees to prepare a dance routine or skit to present to the group. Give out certificates or little rewards to everyone who takes part.

Guessing Game

After dinner, while everyone is still seated at the table, play a game of "Who am I?" Have fun watching each play out and interpret. With names stuck to their foreheads.

Finding Turkeys

Let kids loose in the house or yard to seek all the paper or miniature stuffed turkeys you've hidden there.

Popcorn Relay Race

Seeing the entire family participate in this Thanksgiving game, young and old, is what makes it enjoyable. On one side of a room or yard, place two big bowls filled with popcorn. At the other end of the play area, set out empty bowls. Members should be divided into two groups and given measuring cups to move the corn from one bowl to the other. Whoever empties their bowl first wins!


Considering you throw bean bags filled with corn, this autumnal classic is ideal for Thanksgiving fun!

Go Sledding

Consider going sledding if you were fortunate enough to experience the first snowfall of the year. Although you might think of sledding as something you did on snowy days as a kid, we assure you that it is just as much fun as it was then.

Dial Elder Relatives

Perhaps you have an elderly family who can no longer travel to Thanksgiving dinner with everyone else. Tell them you're thinking of them by giving them a call. They'll be happy about it.

Enjoy Some Silence

Take a moment to meditate before getting swamped by family members who have tons of questions for you. Find anything that helps you relax, whether it's to read chapters in a book, browse Instagram, or simply sit in silence by a window.

Go to the Cinema

The movie theater can be the answer if you have a serious case of cabin fever. Watch a movie this holiday season before the awards season begins since great movies often come out around this time.

Prepare Conversation Starters

Be prepared with some fun conversation starters for when everybody starts to slow down since nothing is worse than dining in awkward silence.

An Evening Stroll

Dinners on Thanksgiving are frequently served sooner than usual, so when you finish eating, it will most likely be getting dark. Request that everyone dresses warmly for a quick block walk. If you want to, you can even go caroling.

Wear Matching Jammies

For a fun marathon of classic movies, get everyone affordable matching jammies.

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Go Leaf Peeping

Going to see some lovely leaves is never, ever a bad idea, and depending on the area you live in, Thanksgiving Day can be a terrific day to do that.

Go Through Family Pictures

Looking back at old vacation, celebration photos, and newborn photos usually bring back some pleasant memories. Grab old photo albums or bring up more recent images on television.

Offer Cocktails

Ensure that everybody has a drink ready before dinner, whether you hand them delectable mocktails or seasonal beers.

SMS to Friends

Remember to wish a happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of your pals. You do appreciate having them in your life, after all!

Put Up Holiday Decorations

Given that you have some much-needed time off from work, this would be a wonderful time to start your Holiday decorating. While there are many people available to assist, get the tree out and start working.

Have a Simple Breakfast

A complete fast from meals till the turkey is served is never a smart idea. Prepare a simple breakfast to keep you energized so you won't feel groggy later, even if it's only a fruit salad and coffee.

Show Respect to Family Heirlooms

Asking Grandma about her porcelain collection or the odd cast iron skillet arrangement on her kitchen wall is a great conversation starter for Thanksgiving. She'll value the chat, and you'll leave with a fresh respect for your family's most precious possessions.

Consider a Photo Shoot

Engaging your loved ones in a holiday photo opportunity for social media posting is the ideal time right now.

Sit Around a Fire Pit

On a cold night, spending time with family by a crackling fire is almost a certainty. Who wants s'mores?

Become a Fashionista

Enjoy dressing in a theme-appropriate manner. Expressing enthusiasm for Thanksgiving through clothing is simple and effective. Why not seize this day as an opportunity to bring your inner fashionista out?

Take Some Time to Reflect 

What purpose does this family time serve if not to impart knowledge? Set aside some time for remembering, and if you feel that it could be difficult to get the conversation going, prepare a few questions. However, a word of caution—once they begin, this typically lasts for hours!

Make a Floral Arrangement

You don't have to give up florals for the season just because the temperature has dropped. The ideal autumn-inspired bouquet will become the ideal centerpiece for your dinner table -- just gather up a few preferred stems and greenery!

Go Stargaze

Take a blanket and some warm drink outside if Thanksgiving celebrations start to extend into the night. Enjoy the best show by lying down and gazing up into the sky.

Road Trip Activities

If you're traveling for Thanksgiving, schedule some rest stops to stay in shape so that you can play a few fast games when you stop, tuck a Frisbee, playground ball, or jump rope into your trunk.


Thanksgiving is the ideal time to prepare for shopping, especially if you come from a family that can't resist a good deal. Bring your shopping expertise, lists, and coupons together for a fun time that's all about finding the best deals.


As much as ever, your family needs to have fun. If you use even a few of these suggestions, you can be sure that your family will be more appreciative of the time you're spending together!

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