Backyard Games That Will Keep Your Family Entertained for Hours

April 15, 2022


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“What’s the best way to entertain the kids?” This is a question that’s been asked many times over the years. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard many different answers: “Let them watch TV,” “Let them play video games,” or even “Let them play in the kitchen with mommy and daddy.” But, have you ever considered doing something outside?

Backyard games are a great way to have fun and stay entertained. Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, these games will help you get away from your day-to-day routine and enjoy some quality time with your family.

The Benefits of Playing Backyard Games

Backyard games can bring together not just your family, but the whole community!

One of the best things about playing backyard games is that they’re a great way to stay entertained while you’re at home. There’s no better way to get your family and friends together and have some fun than by playing some games in your backyard. 

1. They’re a great way to get the family together. Whether you’re looking to spend time with your family or you’re looking to have a relaxing day, playing backyard games is the way to go. You can play with your children or grandchildren, your friends, and even your neighbors.

2. You get to spend time and bond with each other. There’s nothing better than spending time with the ones you love. If you’re lucky enough to have a somewhat spacious backyard, you’ll have more space to play games and get to know your kids better. 

3. Surprisingly, they can help you get in shape. While you may not think that playing backyard games will help you get fit, at least doing physical activities is better than just laying in the couch. When you’re having fun, you’re more likely to keep playing. This can help you get in shape and burn a few calories.

4. Backyard games are perfect to enjoy the outdoors. Although fun and entertaining as well, unlike backyard games, playing video games and watching movies can keep you inside and isolated. On the other hand, backyard games can help you enjoy the outdoors while getting some fresh air. 

The Best Backyard Games: Our Top 7 Picks


See how low you can go! A popular game at any party or gathering, limbo is a classic game that is perfect for you and your family. All you need is a pole and some music, and you’re ready to go!


Shoot them balls through the wickets!

Hit those colorful balls through the wickets and win! Croquet is a fun and kid-friendly game that has been around for ages. With just a few simple rules, you can enjoy this game for hours. 

Of course, you can modify the rules to suit your needs. Maybe instead of 9 wickets, you can play with 6 to accommodate the younger ones who aren't as good at hitting the ball. Nonetheless, croquet is a fun game that will keep you entertained for hours. 


This is a popular game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. All you need is a rope and a few people to participate. 

The rules of this game are quite flexible. You can set it up as a competition between teams or you can play a game one-on-one. The aim is to see who can pull the other person or team across the line. Whichever way you set it up, tug-of-war is an amusing game to have fun while improving your teamwork at the same time.

Ring Toss

It's funny how you can use everyday objects to play a fun game. Ring toss is a fun and easy way to let your kids play, develop their hand-eye coordination, and improve their motor skills. In this case, you’ll just need some rings and bottles and you're good to go. 

The object of the game is simple. Just throw the rings onto the bottles and try to get them to land. The team with the most rings on the bottle wins. 


It's easy to learn how to play cornhole! The game is played with two teams of two players each. The aim of the game is to toss bean bags at a raised platform with a hole in the center, and to score points by getting the bean bags through the hole. The team that scores the most points in a set amount of time wins the game!


For this game, you just need a frisbee disc and a little space. Toss the frisbee disc and let it be caught by the opposite side, and vice versa. 

Frisbee is a game that you can do absentmindedly. For some, you can toss the ball while having a conversation. This makes it one of the perfect ways to pass the time while catching up with your friends and family. 

If you want to get a little more competitive, you can set up a game with different rules. You can also add some scoring to the game to make it more interesting.


Dodgeball is a game where players try to hit each other with a ball. You can have a game of dodgeball with two teams, with each team assigned a side of the yard. The team with the last standing member is the winner. 


Don’t wait for the perfect day to play. Make the most of the time you have with your kids and get out there and enjoy these backyard games. 

Playing with your family is the best way to teach your kids some life skills such as patience, problem-solving, and teamwork. Get them to play outside for as long as possible, and you'll see that they're not just having fun, but they're learning too!

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