How To Decorate Your Table for Thanksgiving Dinner

November 18, 2022


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Thanksgiving is coming, so setting up a dining room table for a large feast several days in advance is one of several ways to reduce holiday stress. However, how do you pick the proper plate, spoon, or wine glass?

Don't worry, because we've got you covered. In this blog post, we've listed basic table setup instructions so that your table has everything it needs for serving. For sure, you can be the best host this holiday season once you take a look at our advice listed below!

And if you're looking for decor ideas, make sure to check out our blog post about Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas.

Mats, Plates, and Napkins

Utilize chargers or placemats before placing plates on your Thanksgiving table. However, if you have a large family or a full Thanksgiving table, it's perfectly alright to skip them to save space.

Placemats can work well in certain holiday tablescapes. If your home has a designated children's table, you can also use them. A tablecloth can be ruined by messy diners' grease stains from gravy or cranberry sauce spills.

Place your plates gently on the table after deciding whether to use placemats or chargers. You can then place the salad dish right on top of the biggest platter, which is used for the main meal.

Make your napkins afterward. You can decide to fold them into a traditional rectangle and put them on the right side of your plate beneath the utensils or center them over your plate after folding them into a cute shape. Napkins can also be rolled into napkin rings for a quite festive touch.


There are some fundamentals to bear in mind when placing your knives and spoons. To begin with, forks are always placed on the left of the dish. It's pretty obvious that you'll need a whole set of silverware, which should contain two forks, for formal dining settings.

For an appetizer or salad, smaller forks should be positioned on the outer part of the table. While for the main meal, the larger fork should be put closer to the plate.

Place the knife closest to the plate on the right side, the blade facing in. Then, the spoon should be put next to the knife last. To the right of the knife, you should place both a soup spoon and a dessert spoon. For uniformity, make sure that every piece is positioned such that it touches the plate's bottom.

Glasses and Polishing

Make sure the proper wine glasses are placed at each place setting if you plan to serve wine with the meal. Additionally, you should place a glass of water for each visitor. The water glass can be placed at the top of the stack of drinkware on the right of your dining setting, just above the knife and fork.

You can then either place a bowl, bread plate, or butter knife on the opposite side of the glasses. Whatever you decide, make sure the color and style coordinate with your dinnerware.

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Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Remember that your Thanksgiving table doesn't necessarily have to be formal and traditional. And that there are other color schemes besides those associated with the harvest to inspire your creativity. Here are various ideas you can try to make the best table setting ever:

Keep It Neutral

Feeling bland about neutrals? We don't think so as long as you use a lot of different textures. A mostly plain table appears wonderfully attractive when dotted with pampas grass, rattan containers, and dried flowers.

Apply a Vibrant Tablecloth

Make an impression with something a bit more unusual, such as a black-and-white buffalo check rather than the traditional white linen. The playful pattern looks elegant enough for the holiday when paired with jewel tones and organic embellishments like wheat sheaves, pine cones, and wood slices.

Go for a Dark Nordic Theme

Make use of eucalyptus and other natural foliage as your runner for something a little more novel. If you don't own any gold flatware and black plates, a company like Social Studies may be able to ship you whatever you need for the evening, including the forks and votives. 

Consider Candles

Do you love the concept of affordable décor that is simply eye-catching, especially at night? Put pillar candles in various places, and surround them with evergreen.

Remember To Include Metallics

Is there a quick, low-cost approach to elevating bland Thanksgiving table design to a more luxurious and sophisticated level? Absolutely! You can just add a variety of metallic elements, such as brass candlesticks, or painted pumpkins to level up your dinner table!

Create Custom Name Place Cards

You might be inspired by this Thanksgiving table setting to grab a fancy calligraphy pen or a nice marker. And list each visitor's name in your best script. Each person at your event will feel special, and some may even take theirs home after the evening.

Make Use of Patterns

Try experimenting with the decor in a variety of patterns for a Thanksgiving table that is absolutely gorgeous. The secret to bringing it all together? Using hues that contrast with others.

Try Pastels

A table decorated with delicate pastel hues screams both fun and modern. A selection of little pumpkins can be painted in the colors of your choice to make this simple DIY project. You can also use faux pumpkins to keep your project looking good for another year.

Try Also a Gloomy Palette

Your holiday dinner will be extremely romantic if you choose gloomy table decor, including dark colors and lots of blazing candles. It has the ideal look for a small gathering.

Embrace the Colors of Autumn

Include lots of fall colors like brown, burnt orange, white, and moss if you really adore the classic Thanksgiving appearance. For this, you can add a shabby chic candelabra and a table runner made of muted flowers and gourds to complete the traditional country look.


On Thanksgiving day, you're likely to discover something that tickles your fancy once you follow these ideas. Remember, don't be afraid to try out different designs and accessories!

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